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Just for you, our dearest Guests, a real fairy-tale — «Traktir na Parkovoy» right in the centre of Minsk!

Merchant Nickanor and his wife Pavlina invite you to «Traktir» for the real feast!

Have never been to «Traktir» means never been to Minsk!

We have saved the merchant feasts abundance and generosity for today. Spectacular banquets, gorgeous fare — all for that you feel Slavic cordiality, giving you a real joy!
The time-honoured recipes, the real Russian stove  return you for many generations ago — to source of  glorious past. There are inimitable in its taste dinner due to dishes, that are cooked on the grill of Slavic brazier or in the Russian stove — pride of  «Traktir»!

We are ready to wonder our Guests as ever, as always: every day, hour and every minute! We entertain you with wonderful dishes, fine drinks, service with fireworks and cheerful music with inflammatory dancing and light-headed mood! Make a real outdoor fête!

There is the sun goes down and the people having fun in the «Traktir»! Dancing to your exhaustion — the mood as the present! Real Gipsy! And live music! — Can you keep your place?

And the picnic on the terrace with bonfire and fried pork fat! — Just like at the grandmother’s country!


You will be delighted with our welcome «Traktir»!

Dance, sing and have fun!

We are always happy to see you!

Our Honourable Guests, we look forward to You – please come!

We invite You to the hospitable log hut of merchant Nikanor and his wife Pavlina!

In a Slavic tradition if You are treated with tea, it means special respect to You! As we do in Traktir – every Guest is treated with a tea on 7 herbs blessed for luck, happiness and love!

Traktir is a blissful place at any time! In the afternoon in our merchant log hut are excellent dinners for You! Our beautiful waiters invite You to the tables and wish You a Bon appétit! And after that a Slavic feast starts with a Slavic soul and Your great mood! The most tasty dishes prepared by Nikanor`s wife are served with pine branches and impressive fireworks with remarkable music! Each detail surprises Guest and raises his mood!

(every day  12:00-17:00)

Real Russian stove in the hall warms every Guest. Atmosphere of coziness and warmth makes you feel really unforgettable. Cracking of fireworks in the real Russian stove! Ah, such a pleasure, as if you are in the country!

Observing precepts of Slavic generosity and hospitality and also traditions of our great grandfathers , we kindly say “good bye” to you with a tradition of “one for the road” and traditional sushki. Why so? For your path in a future to be easy and lucky! And it`s necessary to sit down on our tidy chairs “for the road” . You`ll learn more about these traditions from our managers.

In the evening in Traktir – joy till your drop as in old times. Based on checked customs, reached by our great grand-fathers and bequeathed by our great grand-mothers. And, of course, our grandpas and grandmas would never advise something bad. So you`ll have a great evening! And we always do our best to make your dinner very memorable.  Incendiary joy at our parties will be presented by our singers Alyonka and Vitalik. Their cheerful songs will make your feet go dancing!

(every day 20:00-23:00)

Dear Guests, we`ll sing, we`ll dance, we`ll have fun and enjoy time! Yes, all these accompanied under Russian accordion players Mikolay and Andrey!

(every day at 20:45)

Well, and gypsies, free birds from steppers, they will whirl you in a round dance of colourful skirts, will captivate you with rings of their monists and will carry away behind the Nomadic Gypsy Star! Ah, romale! And lovers can get married on a magic Gypsy custom!

(every Friday at 21:00)

Our Slavic dancer Anastasiya has passion to East elements. Her Slavic soul can`t resist East motives and she starts to spin in dance!

(every Saturday at 21:00)

All our Guests go outdoors for a picnic, heart really fades with delight! Because it`s really the best rest you can imagine! The picnic on the open air in the downtown of Belarusian capital! Frying pork lard on sticks accompanied with national songs of accordion players!

(every day at 22:00)


Welcome atmosphere

         Right from the threshold of  rich merchant peasant’s log hut you are welcome by «Traktir». Beautiful girls offer a seat and wish you Bon appetit! And then a feast of feasts is started. The most delicious dishes of «Traktir» cooked by merchant’s wife Pavlina are serviced with wonderful fireworks and cheerful music, like for the noble merchant!

Atmosphere of comfort and warm, crackling of firewood in the stove, rich and generous meals, Slavic cordiality make your feast really unforgettable — to your great surprise!

Respecting rules of Slavic welcome, you are seen to the door with wine glass of fruit wine — for the road— and bread rings!

I have been there
have drunk the vodka and the beer
Between the cup and the lip
a morsel may slip!

Legend of «Traktir»

History of Traktir

Starting with the day of «Traktir» existence, there were merchants and traders as a Traktir’s Guests,  who were back from foreign countries, where they exchanged the craftsman’s goods for the gold. Tired  with a long way they came into «Traktir» to freeload, celebrating a conclusion of new agreement. And as they had a rest — began to shake a leg to lively music of accordion players!

«Minsk-city.  Glorious Svisloch-river. And grew up on its shores on Pobediteley avenue, 11  white-stone chambers of «Traktir na Parkovoy». And rich merchants passed through that place. Had sold the silks — so visited the «Traktir»! And came in to their friends — merchants Nickanor and Pavlina…»

«Traktir» in the present day

To the present day the Guest of «Traktir» is a man, who respect the Slavic traditions, like the pompousness and beauty of wonderful dishes and like the joy to the point of exhaustion in atmosphere of merchant peasant’s log hut. And nowadays there are guest of note are gathering in «Traktir» in calm atmosphere near the Russian stove and solve their business questions. And also celebrate the arrangement of new deal to the sounds of cheerful music, whether it is vagrant musician or accordion of Mikolay, or lively songs of loud-voiced singers Alenka and Aleshka!

Time moves on, and there is warm and comfort, welcome and cordiality are saved as before in «Traktir» by Nickanor and Pavlina, they welcome every Guest with love, because…

There is every Guest is a honourable Guest in «Traktir»!

Our dearest Guests!

Our Slavic stove can not only give out warmth, but also to boil, to bake and to fry!

You are welcome in «Traktir» — for the Slavic feast!

With a great pride and brave certainty we invite you to dinner, where is neat tableclothes and a lot of viands, dressed with our love!

The feast is started — the Guest is treating himself — and there is the … overchoice?! Dear Guests, don’t be confused: we will give a tip, will tell about all the dishes! Here is «Razguliay» — if you want, so take it! The tongue, cucumber and chicken fillet, mushrooms from merchant’s cellar and dressed with a special Pavlina’s sauce!  Everything is as in the real rich merchant izba, on the beautiful plate with a cheese basket, it will rescue you from hunger!

And then — to the exacting Guests — we bring to you the salad «Dressed herring»! The name is simple, but to your surprise the taste is so fantastic! It’s cooked according to time-honoured recipes, but there is the amazing sauces, flying fish caviar and greens are added. Tasted it once, will never find the better one, trust us!

Good merchant appetizer with cold baked pork, rural fat pork, meat rolls cooked according to time-honoured recipes and vegetables from the Nickanor and Pavlina’s garden. Taste it — you won’t be sorry for it!

Rich mushroom soup of boletus — right from the Russian stove to your dinner!

The pot with a real sauerkraut soup with the ribs and boletus from the stove, and to the pot we give you the frying pan with fried potatoes! Very tasty! It’s finger-licking good!

You can taste the «Russian Salad» wherever you go, but there is no «Russian Salad» with the royal shrimps, flying fish caviar with original Traktir’s service in the «Girl’s braid»!

Bugenina in a country style with the fireworks! It’s our pride! Rich flavoured pork on the skewer with the golden crispy draniki (potato pancakes), cucumbers will conquer any Guest!!!

Rich delicate halibut, baked with a root of celery and mushrooms in the foil… Mmmm… It’s delicious!

And at last- the masterpiece of cookery — «The Traktir’s fairy-tale»! It’s cooked by the best our cooks! It’s served on the oak plate with a fire and scrumptious pork, baked in its juice, rural sausage, carrot and onion!  And another pot with a golden boiled potatoes with a picklings from Pavlina’s cellar on the pine branches, spring onions and fresh vegetables!